Kingovci @ eSecurity – Belgrade

Yet another eSecurity Conference is ongoing – this is a conference that brings the hottest news on the global trends in cybersecurity.

KING ICT experts Davor Striček (Head of business development) and Filip Kiseljak (Senior cybersecurity expert) travelled to Belgrade to speak at the conference.

WTFDR – What’s the fuss about XDR?
Davor and Filip gave a talk entitled “WTFDR – What’s the fuss about XDR?”, and all those present had the opportunity to hear about the key advantages of XDR and learn how to use it effectively.

This is a powerful set of tools that every organisation should have in the modern landscape of cyberthreats. It contains technical information and tips on how they should be used for rapid automatic analysis of malicious threats in the entire business environment, and defines and orchestrates the reaction once such a threat is detected. This allows the organisation to always be one step ahead of any cyberthreats.

The KING ICT team also held a talk at last year’s edition of eSecurity. To take a look, visit HERE